Does the Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital provide emergency care coverage for my pets?

Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital provides 24/7 emergency coverage for clients' pets. Call our hospital number at 305-852-3665.

Does the Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital provide boarding for my cat and dog pets?

Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital has spacious pet accommodations. Reservations can be made by calling 305-852-3665.

Can Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital fill my pet's prescription?

Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital has a fully stocked pharmacy. We conform to Florida pharmacy law and we can fill prescriptions of those clients with a current doctor-patient relationship.

I am traveling with my pet, what do I need for travel?

Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital veterinarians can examine your pet and provide you with official, Federally-accredited, veterinarian-endorsed health examination certificates. Where needed, we can provide airline letters of temperature acclimation.

How do my pets contract heartworms?

Dogs and cats can develop heartworms 6 to 9 months after being bitten by an infected mosquito.

Can heartworms be prevented?

Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital can provide your puppy or kitten with appropriate monthly preventative. For your adult pet, a recent, negative blood analysis is required in order to begin monthly preventative. Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital has a broad selection of heartworm preventatives, appropriate for your pet's specific species and breed.

My dog and cat have fleas, what can I do?

The recent warm, dry winter here in South Florida, and a rodent explosion has caused a 'banner year' for fleas. Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital has a wide selection of the most modern as well as traditional flea control products for dogs and cats.

Can I give my dogs grapes?

No! Other potentially fatal foods to avoid include raisins, raw garlic, onions, macadamia nuts, xylitol (artificial sweetener) and chocolate, to name a few. If you think your pet has ingested a toxic substance, you can get help from animal poison control at http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control.

My dog and cat have bad breath; can I get their teeth cleaned?

Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital can provide dental radiographs, and clean and polish your pets' teeth. Also, we have several products for teeth and gum health, to address periodontal disease, and extend dental cleaning intervals.

How did my pet get tapeworms?

The rice-like worm segments are passed by your pet three or more months after your pet ingested a tapeworm infected flea. Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital diagnoses and provides tape worm therapy.

My dog is afraid of thunderstorms, what can I do?

There are many alternative methods of alleviating this phobia Thundershirts©, melatonin, DAP© dog pheromone, and Bach's Flower Essence, Rescue Remedy© have some effectiveness.

How often should my pet be examined by a veterinarian?

Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital recommends an annual comprehensive wellness examination, which would include patient-specific ancillary diagnostics. Often this is the opportunity to administer appropriate and needed immunization. Wellness examinations are vitally important for our pet senior citizens.

OK, then what vaccine immunization does my pet need?

Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital adheres to national medical guidelines based upon the latest scientific data as to: vaccination number and interval, duration of immunity, and life-style/travel dependent vaccine requirement variations. We often divide vaccination administration for health purposes. We use the minimal number of vaccines as determined by your pets life needs. Patients may be advised to avoid certain immunizations and pursue instead blood antibody titers. All vaccination protocols are individualized, and the highest quality vaccines are used.

Can my pet suffer from allergies like me?

Absolutely yes! Dog and cat allergies have diversity of causes and problematic manifestations, just like us. Dog and cat allergies can manifest as skin, respiratory and/or gastrointestinal dysfunction, or can hide behind the simplest or most bizarre problem. There is no generic “silver bullet” for pet allergies. A comprehensive examination is required for a correct diagnosis and pet-specific treatment.

Can my cat take my pain medicine?

No, most human pain medications are toxic to our pets. Any pain medication should be veterinary prescribed, specific for your pet's species, breed, and the health-medical need. Upper Keys Veterinary Hospital offers conventional, or allopathic, pain relief, medical and post-operative, as well as alternative, or homeopathic, pain treatments and acupuncture by a certified veterinary acupuncturist.


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